What to expect at your first Chiropractic Appointment?

First Appointment

Prior to your first visit you may be asked to complete a health history form. This will provide us with the details about the reasons you are attending the chiropractor and the key details of your health history. The first visit to Optimal Health Chiropractic will include:

  • A review of your full medical history
  • A physical assessment including your blood pressure, spine, joints, muscles, posture and breathing patterns
  • Relevant orthopaedic and neurological testing

Your chiropractor will clearly explain what they have found and discuss a suitable treatment plan with you. Once you are both happy that you can be treated, they may adjust you on your first visit if appropriate and time permits. If your chiropractor has any concerns from the assessment regarding any other health issues, they may refer you back to your GP rather than treat you on your first appointment.

Following your treatment, your chiropractor may provide you with exercises for you to complete at home, to ensure your health improves as quickly as possible.

To enable the chiropractor to properly assess you, you may be asked to remove some clothing. Alternatively you could bring your own shorts with you or use the cotton gowns provided. Your privacy is always respected so please discuss with us if you feel uncomfortable about undressing. Your first assessment will take approximately 90 minutes and subsequent appointments 30 – 45 minutes.

Regular Visits

We recommend you wear comfortable loose fitting clothing and for the majority of patients subsequent treatments are undertaken whilst you are fully clothed.

If you have Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) as part of your agreed treatment plan your entrainments (that’s what we call an adjustment) you will be asked to lie down fully clothed on a specially designed bench. Your chiropractor will then take specific gentle contacts to your spine which will cause wave-like movements to spread across your body. Some people are aware of these immediately but in cases where stress has been prolonged or levels are very high it can take more time before these are experienced.

Number of Treatments Required

Consistent care is usually needed to overcome established patterns of physical, mental and emotional poor health. However, over time your nervous system will learn to heal and when challenging situations around you will deal with them effortlessly. The number of treatments required will vary depending on the nature and duration of your condition. This will be discussed with you in your initial visit and reviewed at regular intervals.

Once your health improves you can choose to schedule regular appointments a few times per year to ensure you stay at your full potential.