Why does spine health matter?

In our daily lives things can happen that cause our skeleton to get out alignment.  This in turn can cause muscle strain and ligament problems.  If left untreated for a long period the muscles and ligaments get used to the new skeletal shape.

Statistics from the BackCare charity indicates:

  • One qiStock_000000411165_Mediumuarter of UK secondary school pupils suffer from regular or daily back pain
  • School bag burden was associated with a ten-fold higher rate of back pain
  • Back pain was also linked to prolonged sitting.

Back and neck pain has a significant impact on more than 80% of the UK population. It is a major health issue costing the country and the health service billions of pounds every year.  Sickness absence currently costs the UK economy £15bn, musculoskeletal disorders are one of the leading causes of sickness absence.

http://www.backcare.org.uk (2014)