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First Appointment

In the current pandemic and to reduce risk factors, all initial consultations will be done by a virtual consultation. We call you, it is a secure communications mechanism and you do not need any specialist software on your phone or computer.

These have proved to be very effective and is now common in many areas of healthcare. This will allow us to take a full medical record, do some initial testing, listen to your concerns and answer your question with no risk to both you or your chiropractor. Prior to your Virtual consultation you will be asked to complete a health history form. This will be done online via a link in an email or by your smart phone. The form will provide us with the details about the reasons you are attending the chiropractor and the key details of your health history. Many patients say that this helps them identify all the information we need for their consultation and makes best use of your valuable time in the first appointment. Subject to confirmation via testing in your first face to face appointment we should be able to give you feedback on what we believe your issues are and discuss a suitable treatment plan with you. This reduces the time required in the face to face appointment and this your risk. The time for your face to face appointment / treatment will be booked at the same time as your Virtual consultation but usually for the following day. All patients will be triaged for Coronavirus risks at all stages in their treatments. Your Virtual consultation may last 30-45 minutes depending on the complexity of your medical history.

The first face to face visit to Optimal Health Chiropractic will last 30-40 minutes and include:
  • A physical assessment including your blood pressure, spine, joints, muscles, posture and breathing patterns
  • Any relevant orthopaedic and neurological testing to confirm our diagnosis
  • Your initial treatment.

    If you have a complex medical history which takes up most of your allocated Virtual consultation then we may reschedule a further online appointment to complete this information.

    If we have any concerns from the assessment regarding any other health issues, we may refer you back to your GP rather than treat you on your first appointment.

    Following your treatment, your chiropractor may provide you with exercises for you to complete at home, to ensure your health improves as quickly as possible.

    To enable the chiropractor to properly assess you, we recommend you wear soft stretchy and loose fitting clothing . This allows you to be comfortable and permits treatment. Jeans / work wear trousers or tight clothing is not recommended and you may be asked to remove some clothing, so please ensure you are wearing suitable underwear. Subsequent face to face appointments will last 30 – 40 minutes. Your will be asked to complete a triage health form before all face to face appointments until further notice.

  • What to expect?. Potential

    Follow-up appointment / Regular Visits

    Consistent care is usually needed to overcome established patterns of physical, mental and emotional poor health. However, over time your nervous system will learn to heal and when challenging situations around you will deal with them effortlessly. The number of treatments required will vary depending on the nature and duration of your condition. This will be discussed with you in your initial visit and reviewed at regular intervals.

    Once your health improves you can choose to schedule regular appointments a few times per year to ensure you stay at your full potential.

    How to make the most of your treatment?

    In order to make the most from your treatment we recommend:
  • Rest for 10 minutes after each treatment. A short stroll can help, especially before driving any distance.
  • Take it easy for 24 to 48 hours especially if you have had had physical adjustments. Avoid doing anything strenuous such as housework or lifting; and don’t engage in sporting activities such as golf, racquet / contact sports or exercise classes until we advise you otherwise. Also avoid carrying heavy bags on one shoulder or arm, or other such unbalanced strains.
  • Be aware and maintain a good posture when sitting, standing or driving.
  • Drink plenty of water as this will help to clear toxins from your system.
  • Avoid hot baths for 24 hours, although a quick warm bath or a shower are fine.
  • Vary your activities, don’t sit or stand for long periods. Short walks are often helpful, also gentle swimming or exercise in water.

  • How you might feel after your treatment?

    These can vary considerably between people. Remember that any change is a sign that your body is beginning to integrate the treatment.

  • Emotional changes: these are quite normal, and often reflect the release of tension in the muscles. Just realise it is your body’s healing response.
  • Feeling better: relief from pain as your body has become better aligned, which can make you feel straighter, taller and altogether more balanced.
  • Feeling worse before feeling better: while your body is adjusting to its new alignment, the pain may move about from one side to the other, or you may experience stiffness and soreness as muscle tensions change. These effects usually disappear over a day or two.
  • Relaxation: you may feel “floppy” after treatment, and may sleep deeply following the relaxation of deep tensions in your body. Have an early night!
  • Headaches: the release of natural toxins as your body heals can cause headaches. Drinking plenty of water will help to flush them out.

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